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  • Client:
  • Engineering Contractor:
  • Date of Award:
  • Scope of Work:
  • Offshore Industries (SAFF) Co.
  • Saff Rosemond
  • 2010
  • Basic & Detail Design & Patent Licensing

ROSEMOND-SA20 has been designed by Saff Rosemond Engineering & Management Company and has been registered as a Novel Design and all its proprietary rights are reserved for Saff-Rosemond Engineering & Management Company. The complete package of principal engineering documents/drawings (including basic and detail design) have been verified by authorized international Classification Society (i.e. IACS members) and are deliverable to National/International Clients on request.

ROSEMOND-SA20 design has been awarded by a number of National/International authorities. Some of the obtained Certificates/Awards are:

  • Certificate of Design Compliance with international Rules & Regulations from “Korean Register of Shipping” (KR) & “Iranian Classification Society” (ICS)
  • Certificate of Technological Proficiency for development of ROSEMOND SA-20 Jack Up Design from IROST
  • “Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries - Specific Assessment of Mobile Offshore Units” ISO 19905-1:2012; as the first in this scope in Iran, Certified by EuroCert
  • Appreciation award for localization of Design of Offshore Drilling Rig in 14th annual seminar of IMES
  • Appreciation award in the 3rd& 4th annual seminar of Growth of Local Capabilities

  • Operating water depth
  • Drilling depth
  • Length overall
  • Width overall
  • Depth of hull
  • Leg total length
  • Leg distance (Transversal)
  • Leg distance (Longitudinal)
  • Spud can Diameter
  • Max drill floor offset
  • Max variable load deck load
  • Max survival deck load
  • Max combined drill floor load
  • 330 ft. (100.58 m)
  • 30000 ft. (9144 m)
  • 196.5 ft.
  • 177 ft.
  • 25 ft.
  • 441 ft.
  • 115 ft.
  • 120.08 ft.
  • 46.26 ft. (14.1m)
  • ±15 ft.
  • 9000 kips
  • 6000 kips
  • 2200 kips

  • Ample free space on main deck for convenient operation
  • Optimization space utilization in arrangement design
  • Consideration of easy maintenance

Developing new technique for quantitative study of Risk and computation of dependability parameters

  • Over 1800 m2 Accommodation area
  • Comfortable and Modern furniture
  • 120 men capacity
  • Noticeable quantity of 1 & 2 men cabins

  • Less penetration due to increased load bearing surface of spud cans
  • Innovative solution for Larger Spud Can design without losing deck space
  • Approval design analysis by international authorities

  • 60ft X 30ft drilling pattern
  • Maximum combination load of drill floor: 2200 kips
  • Maximum tolerable load of cantilever pipe rack: 1100 kips

  • Producing Construction sequence in line with local facilities
  • Creative procedure for leg assembly and hull launching