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3rd Floor, No.1,Ario Bldg. North Falamak Ave. Phase 4, Shahrak-e-Qods Tehran, Iran.



Through a joint Investment, Rosemond EMI Co. and Offshore Industries Co.(SAFF) have established a plant for production of Drag Reducing Agent (DRA).

The plant is located at Aras Free Zone in north western of Iran in the area of 22,000 Sq. m with the capacity of 1 million liters of DRA per year and will be increased up to 3 million liters per year in future stages.

Drag-reducing Agent substantially reduces the friction loss that results from the turbulent flow of fluid. Where fluids are transported over long distances, such as in oil and other hydrocarbon liquid pipelines, the friction losses result in inefficiencies that increase equipment and operation costs.

Location Aras Free Zone-Iran
Client Rosemond EMI Co./ Offshore Industries Co. (SAFF)
Contractor Saff Rosemond Co./ Sepehr Rosemond Co.
Date of Award 2016
Scope of Work • Feasibility Study
• Engineering
• Procurement
• Construction