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Offshore Industries Co. (SAFF) awarded the design and engineering of a 45T BP Tug vessel to Saff Rosemond Chabahar Engineering and Management Co. This ship is twin-screw z-drive propulsion with fixed pitch propeller, driven by medium speed marine diesel engines and the Accommodation is suitable for 9 people.

Main Dimensions are as Follows:

  • Overall Length:
  • Breadth:
  • Design Draught:
  • Max speed:
  • Towing Hook Aft:
  • Propultion Sys.:
  • 34.4 m
  • 11.2 mm
  • 4.3 m
  • 12 Knot
  • SWL 60 ton
  • 2x Azimuth type, FPP with Kurt Nozzle

  • Basic & Detail Design
  • Procurement Engineering Services
  • Class Approved Design as Launch Barge
LB90 Launch Barge

LB90 Launch Barge